Our first “boar” players suggested that it is difficult for a new player to jump over obstacles and score more than 10 points. Probably, in the process of testing we learned and easily jumped 50+ obstacles. But it’s not so fair 🙂

That’s why we released the first update for the game “Run, boar, run!”. List of changes:

  1. The height of the jump has increased, and as a result – the length of the flight. Now it’s easier to jump over obstacles;
  2. Increased the time of the initial run before the first obstacle, so that you have time to catch your breath and prepare;
  3. With each obstacle, the speed of the boar and the frequency of the obstacles increase.

That is, not all changes made the game easier. Now it will become more difficult after each obstacle. At the beginning it is not noticeable, but already 20+ obstacles will significantly increase the speed of the boar and slightly reduce the distance between the obstacles.

PS: Have you noticed that the boar does not wait for you for a long time, and if you do not make him run – he falls asleep?

“Run, boar, run!” updates

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